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Welcome to Grace Baptist Church of Ottawa


Sermon Recordings

Audio recordings from this year are made available to you in MP3 format. They are live recordings from Grace Baptist Church that can be streamed to your PC, iPad or iPhone. Alternatively, you can download them to your PC, iPad and iPod and share them with others.

January 7Morning Service:
Luke 19:45-20:19 Truth or Consequences
Peter Dyck
January 14Morning Service:
Luke 20:20-26 Do I Have to Pay Taxes
Peter Dyck
January 21Morning Service:
Misunderstanding Jesus
Mark Hudson
January 28Morning Service:
Luke 20:27-40 Merit in the Resurrection
Peter Dyck
Febuary 4Morning Service:
Jonah 1
Peter Dyck
Febuary 11Morning Service:
Luke 20:41-44 The Question to end all Questions
Peter Dyck
Febuary 18Morning Service:
Luke 20:45-21:4 Beware the Hypocrite Within
Peter Dyck