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Sermon Recordings

Audio recordings from this year are made available to you in MP3 format. They are live recordings from Grace Baptist Church that can be streamed to your PC, iPad or iPhone. Alternatively, you can download them to your PC, iPad and iPod and share them with others.

January 8Morning Service:
Sermon on the Mount part
Matt Semrau
January 15Morning Service:
Luke 13:10-17 Signs of Dead Religion
Peter Dyck
January 22Morning Service:
Luke 13:18-30 Entering Thorugh the Narrow Gate
Peter Dyck
Febuary 29Morning Service:
The Lords Return
Gord Emigh
Febuary 5Morning Service:
Luke 13:31-35 The Fox and the Hen
Peter Dyck
Febuary 12Morning Service:
Luke 14:1-14 The Impolite Guest
Peter Dyck
Febuary 19Morning Service:
Sermon on the Mount p7 The Lords Prayer
Matt Semrau
Febuary 26Morning Service:
Luke 14:15-24 Costly Excuses
Peter Dyck
March 5Morning Service:
Luke 15:1-10 Saving the Lost
Peter Dyck
April 2Morning Service:
Peter Dyck
April 17Morning Service:
The Wise and Foolish Builders
Matt Semrau
April 16Easter Service:
Identified with Christ in His Death
Peter Dyck
April 23Morning Service:
John 3:16
Matt Semrau
April 30Morning Service:
Luke 16:1-13 The Unjust Stewart
Peter Dyck
May 7Morning Service:
Luke 16:14-18 Fulfilling the Law
Peter Dyck
May 14Morning Service:
Luke 16:19-31 Let Them Listen to Moses and The Prophets
Peter Dyck
May 21Morning Service:
Suffering for Doing Good
Matt Semrau
May 28Morning Service:
Luke 17:1-19 Faith to Forgive
Peter Dyck
June 4Morning Service:
Luke 17:11-19 Rice Faith or Real Faith
Peter Dyck
June 11Morning Service:
The Gospel According to The Cross
Don Sayers
July 2Morning Service:
The Believer's Heart in Prayer
Peter Dyck
July 9Morning Service:
Proclaiming the Biblical Worldview
Carlos Paul
July 16Morning Service:
Christ Crucified is God's Power and Wisdom
Matt Semrau
July 23Morning Service:
The Pharisee and the Tax Collector
Peter Dyck
July 30Morning Service:
Jesus' Authority over Men
Gord Emigh
August 6Morning Service:
The Qualifications to Enter Heaven
Peter Dyck
August 13Morning Service:
Wealth Versus Spiritual Growth
Steve Regnault
August 20Morning Service:
Importance of Works
Matt Semrau
August 27Morning Service:
Two Losers From Jericho
Peter Dyck
September 10Morning Service:
Philemon and Onesimus
Matt Semrau
Septermber 3Morning Service:
Jesus Heals Multitudes
Gord Emigh
September 17Morning Service:
Introduction to the Five Solas
Peter Dyck
September 24Morning Service:
Sola Scriptura
Peter Dyck
October 1Morning Service:
Solus Christus
Peter Dyck
October 8Morning Service:
Sola Gratia
Peter Dyck
October 15Morning Service:
Pray in Perseverence
Matt Semrau
October 22Morning Service:
Sola Fide
Peter Dyck
October 29Morning Service:
Sola Deo Gloria
Peter Dyck
November 5Morning Service:
Fide Non Sola
Peter Dyck