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Sermon and Bible Class Recordings

Audio recordings from this year are made available to you in MP3 format. They are live recordings from Grace Baptist Church that can be streamed to your PC, iPad or iPhone. Alternatively, you can download them to your PC, iPad and iPod and share them with others.

January 5Adult Bible Class:
The Transforming Work of the Holy Spirit
Andrew Babcock
January 12Adult Bible Class:
Jonah 2: Jonah's Restoration
James Nyangulu
January 12Morning Service:
Ephesians 6: Spiritual Battle Briefing Part 1
Peter Dyck
January 19Adult Bible Class:
Jonah 2: Jonah's Restoration
Andy Babcock
January 19Morning Service:
Ephesians 6: Spiritual Battle Briefing Part 2
Peter Dyck
January 26Adult Bible Class:
Praise the Lord
Glendon Thompson
January 26Morning Service:
Philippians 3: Press on
Glendon Thompson
February 2Morning Service
Ephesians 6: The Last Word:Pray
Peter Dyck
February 9Morning Service
Genesis 11: Abraham's Call and Ours
Peter Dyck
February 16Morning Service
Steve Regnault
February 23Adult Bible Class:
Matthew 11: The Light Yoke of Rest
Matt Semrau
February 23Morning Service:
Genesis 12: Two Trials of Faith
Peter Dyck
March 2Morning Service:
Genesis 14: Nine Kings and Two Kings
Peter Dyck
March 9Adult Bible Class:
Matthew 15: Grace not Place
Mark Hudson
March 9Morning Service:
Hebrews 1: The Superiority of Christ
Mark Hudson
March 16Morning Service:
Genesis 15: The Essence of Faith
Peter Dyck
March 23Morning Service:
Genesis 15: The Abrahamic Covenant
Peter Dyck
March 30Morning Service:
Genesis 22: Abraham's Supreme Sacrifice
Roger Fellows
April 6Morning Service:
Genesis 16: The God Who Sees and Hears
Peter Dyck
April 13Morning Service:
Genesis 17: El Shaddai
Peter Dyck
April 20Morning Service:
Matthew 12: A Sign for Sinners
Peter Dyck
April 27Adult Bible Class:
Mark 10: Blindness. Begging and Crying for Help
Pastor from Malawi
April 27Morning Service:
Luke 10: Rejoice that your Name is Written in Heaven
Pastor from Malawi
May 4Morning Service:
1 Peter 3: Suffering for Doing Good
Matt Semrau
May 11Adult Bible Class:
The Visible Church
Phil Dufour
May 11Morning Service:
Genesis 17: Signed and Sealed
Peter Dyck
May 25Morning Service:
1 Thessalonians 1: The Power to Change
Peter Dyck
June 22Morning Service:
1 Corinthians 1: The Foolishness of God
Matt Semrau
June 29Morning Service:
Genesis 20: The Long Reach of Sin
Peter Dyck
July 6Adult Bible Class:
Lead us not into Temptation
Andy Babcock
July 6Morning Service:
Genesis 21: Not of the Flesh, but of the Spirit
Peter Dyck
July 13Morning Service:
Genesis 21 and 22: The Lord Will Provide
Peter Dyck
July 20Adult Bible Class:
Gord Emigh
July 20Morning Service:
John 11: Raising Lazarus
Gord Emigh
July 27Adult Bible Class:
Matthew 6: Praying Through the Lord's Prayer
Peter Ryttersgaard
July 27Morning Service:
Matthew 5: Taking Sin Seriously
Peter Ryttersgaard
August 3Adult Bible Class:
Genesis 23: Dealing with Death in Faith
Peter Dyck
August 3Morning Service:
Malachi 1: Are You Holding Back?
Matt Semrau
August 10Morning Service:
Genesis 24: A Final Test of Abrahams Faith
Peter Dyck
August 17Morning Service:
Luke 1: An Introduction to Luke
Peter Dyck
August 24Morning Service:
Malachi 1: Spiritual Degeneration
Matt Semrau
September 7Morning Service:
1Kings 13 and 14: Jeroboam's Legacy
James Nyangulu
September 14Morning Service:
Luke 3: The Painful Message of Good News
Peter Dyck
September 21Morning Service:
Luke 3: Jesus Son of Man, Son of God
Peter Dyck
September 28Morning Service:
Luke 4: Tried and Proven
Peter Dyck
October 5Morning Service:
Luke 1: God Remembers
Peter Dyck
October 12Adult Bible Class:
Gord Emigh
October 12Morning Service:
Matthew 13: The Parable of the Sower
Gord Emigh
October 19Adult Bible Class:
1John 2: Christ our Advocate
Roger Fellows
October 19Morning Service:
Acts 11: Bearing His Name
Roger Fellows
October 26Morning Service:
Hebrews 2: The Superiority of Christ
Mishek Daka‏
November 2Morning Service:
1Peter 4:: Serving for the Glory of God
Rudy Weibe
November 9Morning Service:
Luke 1: Son of Mary, Son of God, Son of David
Peter Dyck
November 16Morning Service:
Luke 1: Mary's Song
Peter Dyck‏
November 23Morning Service:
2Corinthians 5: Named By God
Andy Atkins
November 30Morning Service:
Philipians: Thanksgiving
Jim Clemens
December 14Morning Service:
Luke 1: The Song of the Voice Set Free
Peter Dyck
December 28Morning Service:
Malachi 2: A Warning to the Priests
Matt Semrau